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Alla Nesvit English 8 class ( , , 8 )  
We Learn English, 7 class, Alla Nesvit. ( , 7 , )  
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?Is that a direct flight?
?Does the flight land somewhere before the final destination?
?What flights are there to London?
, .Please check other airlines.
, ?Would you please check whether there is room on the flight?
?How frequent are the flights?
?How early must I be at the airport?
?How much luggage am I allowed to take?
.I dont have luggage.
?How much is the ticket?
- ?Is there any discount?
, .Please reserve the next flight to London.
, -.One business class ticket to London.
.I would like to cancel my ticket to Warsaw.
, .Cancel this reservation, please.
.Id like to reconfirm a reservation.
.I want to change my reservation.
?Where is the Finnair counter?
?Where is the airport terminal?
?Where do I check in?
.Address the luggage to my hotel.
?How much is the excess baggage charge?
.Id like to send this baggage to Paris.
-.Im in transit for Los Angeles.
?When is boarding time?
?What is the gate number?
?Will this flight leave on time?
.I would like to reserve a seat in the non-smoking section.
, .Window seat, please.
?Where is this seat?
?Could I change seats with you?
?Do you have an English newspaper?
?Would you please get me a blanket?
, .Could you give me a pillow, please?
?Can I have another drink?
?Can I have more nuts?
.I want to order some drinks.
, .Tea, please.
, -? Is there a French - speaking stewardess on board?
, -? Is there a srewardess on board who can speak English?
?Can you translate it into English?
, .Please dont smoke here.
?How long will it be delayed?
?How long will we stop here?
.I feel sick.
?May I recline my seat?
- ?Do they sell duty-free goods on board?
.I would like some earphones for the movie.
.It doesnt work.
?What time do we arrive?
, , .May I have another customs form?
, , .Please show me how to fill in the form.
.Heres my passport.
, , .Would you please stamp my passport?
?What is the purpose of your visit?
.Im a tourist.
.I am on vacation.
.I am on a business trip.
.This is my first visit.
?How long will you stay here?
.I plan to stay two weeks.
.This is my transit pass.
.I only have articles for personal use.
.This is a gift for a friend.
.This video camera is for my personal use.
It costs about....
.I have nothing to declare.
.Duty-free shop.
- ?Can we do some shopping in this airport?
, ?Do I have to pay duty on the camera I bought here?
?May I have a receipt?
?Where can I get my baggage?
.Here is my claim tag.
.I cant find my baggage.
.I didnt receive the claim tag when I checked in.
, .My baggage is broken, and some things are missing.
?Where can I find a porter?
.This is my baggage.
, .Please take this baggage to the taxi stand.
.Its fragile.
, .Please becareful carrying it.
.May I use this baggage cart?
?Where is the tourist information office?
.I am a transit passenger to San Francisco.
?Can I make a connection on the same day?
?How long does it take to make a connection?
?Can I reserve a hotel room here?
?Where can I catch the shuttle bus?


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