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Richard Nicoll - 2011 
We Learn English, 7 class, Alla Nesvit. ( , 7 , )  
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?How can I get to this place from here?
?Which line goes to Chicago?
?How much for a ticket to Paris?
?What is the fare to Rome?
.I would like a ticket to London.
.I would like two tourist class tickets.
.Id like to reserve a seat on this train.
?Do I have to change trains?
?Where should I change trains?
?Which platform does the train depart from?
. ?I missed the train. When does the next one depart?
?Is this a direct train to Humburg?
?This train goes to London, doesnt it?
.How long is the delay?
?Is this train an express or a local?
?Is there a dining car?
- ?Is the dining car at the front or rear of the train?
?Is this seat taken?
, .I think this is my seat.
.I prefer a seat by the window.
( )It is very hot (cold) here.
?May I open the window?
?Where are we passing now?
?How long does the train stop here?
?Where is the next stop?
?Which stop should I get off at?
?How many stops from here?
?How late does the subway run?
?When does it sail?
?What time do we board?
?Where can I board the ship?
, , .Would you please show me to my cabin?
().I would like to have breakfast in my cabin (room).
.Id like to reserve a deck chair.
?What time can I dine?
, .I would like a round-trip ticket, please.
?Does this bus go to that place?
?What time does the next bus for airport leave?
?Is this bus schedule current?
?Whats the round-trip fare?
?How long is a round-trip good for?
?How much is the fare to this place?
?How long will it take to go downtown?
.I want to cancel this ticket.
.Would you call a taxi for me, please?
?Where can we get a taxi?
, .Take me to this address, please.
?Can I rent a car?
?What papers do I need with me?
.This is my international driving permit (license).
.Id like to rent this car for two days.
( )?What does it cost per week (day)?
?Does the price include insurance?
?Do I need to pay a deposit?
, - ? Please give me some numbers to call in case of trouble.
, .Show me a list of your rates, please.
?How much does it cost for additional kilometers?
?May I drop the car off at destination?
?Where can I return it?
, .Please send a car to my hotel tomorrow morning.
.Id like to make a car insurance claim.
, .Please fill it out.
?Where can I park?
?Is there a hotel in this area?
?Which is the shortest way to the beach?
?Is the road to the lake a good one?
?Where is the nearest garage?
() ?How many kilometers (miles) is to the nearest gas station?
.I would like to have ten gallons of gas.
.I usually use gasoline.
?Can you check it for me?
?Do you have any antifreeze?
.Would you please check the tire pressure?
, .Would you please top up the brake fluid?
, , .Would you please add some water to the radiator?
, , .Can I have the car washed?
.The engine won t start.
.The engine gets very hot.
.It is noisy.
- .Something is making a noise.
.It makes a knocking noise.
- .There is something wrong with the oil pressure.
.The horn doesnt work.
, , .Would you please charge the battery?
?Do you have spare parts?
.We re out of gas.
. - .The car broke down. Please send someone for it.
?Can you repair the car?
?How long will it take to repair the car?
?How much will the repairs cost, approximately?
?Are the repairs covered by my insurance?
, .Will you call me when the car is ready?
.It is my fault.
, .I think it was your fault.
, .There doesnt seem to be much damage.
.Can we settle the matter between ourselves?
- .I would like somebody to call the police.
. .I m a foreigner. Heres my drivers license.
, .may I have your name and address?
?May I have a copy of the accident report?
.No entry.
.No thoroughfare.
.No passing.
.Do not enter: one way.
.No parking.
.Free admission.
.One-way traffic.
.Dangerous bend.
.Men at work.
.Road narrows.


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