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We Learn English, 7 class, Alla Nesvit. ( , 7 , )  
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.I have made a reservation.
.Reservations have been made for me and my family.
.The reservation has been confirmed in Paris.
?Do you have any vacancies?
.I would like a room.
.Id like a single room.
.Id like a room with a bath.
.I would like a room with two beds.
.We need one double room with an extra bed.
- ?Is there anything cheaper?
?Would you please show me a better room?
()?Would you please show me a larger (smaller) room?
, .A room facing the sea.
?How much is the service charge and tax?
?is the service charge included?
, ?How much for a room including breakfast?
?Is breakfast included?
?What is the rate?
?Do you need a deposit?
?When is check-out time?
?Do you need my passport?
?Can you recommend another hotel?
().Ill take this room for a week (month).
.I ll stay two nights.
My name is
?Where do I sign?
?Could I borrow your pen?
.Come in.
.I would like to put some valuables in the safety-deposit box.
.Id like my valuables back.
, , .Would you please send the luggage to my room?
, - .Please send someone for my baggage.
?Can you keep this baggage for me?
.May I have my baggage back?
?Is there a socket in my room for my electric shaver?
, .Please bring me some hot water.
?Would you give me another blanket?
?How do you use cable TV?
?Do you know what your international code is?
?What is the country code for Russia?
?At what time are meals served?
?Can I have breakfast in my room?
, .Id like it at 7.30 ( seven thirty ), please.
.Id like to order breakfast for tomorrow.
.Heres my order.
, ?Can I walk or should I take a taxi?
- ?Is there a telephone massage for me?
, .Please give me the card with this hotels address.
.I would like to have this washed.
, . .Please be careful with it. It is pure silk.
, , .Would you please send this clothes to the laundry?
?Will you clean and press this suit?
?Can you saw these buttons on?
?Can you remove this stain?
?Can you press these pants while I wait?
, .Please have this pressed.
?When will it be ready?
.I need it by 10 (ten) oclock.
.Would you please wake me at 7 (seven) oclock?
, .Please make up this room.
, , .Please bring me a bath towel.
?Would you please call a taxi?
?How long does it take to go to the airport by taxi?
.The TV doesnt work.
.There is no toilet paper.
.There is no soap.
.The lock is broken.
.The sink is clogged.
.Theres no hot running water.
.Id like to change my room.
.Im still waiting for the breakfast I ordered.
, , . .There must be a mistake. These are not mine.
.The stains have not been removed.
.This stain is blood.
, .I reserved a double bed, but I got a twin.
. ?This room is too small. Dont you have a bigger one?
.Im checking out.
.Im leaving tomorrow.
.I want to leave one day earlier.
?When do I have to vacate the room?
.Id like to extend my stay for a few days.
?May I have the bill?
?Could I see the bill?
?Whats this bill for?
- , .I find it a little expensive.
, .Im sorry, this isnt my signature.
?Will you accept a credit card?
?Do you take travelers checks?
.I ve enjoyed my stay.
?Where is the dining room?
?Is there a snack bar here?
-?Is there a mini-bar in my room?
?Do you have a garage?
( )Is there a swimming pool (sauna)?
?Is there a beauty shop?
?Where is the emergency exit?
.I want to find an apartment for rent.
.Id like to rent a two-room apartment.
.I would prefer a furnished apartment.
?How much is the down payment?
?How much is the monthly rate?
?Is it possible to rent a garage?


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