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We Learn English, 7 class, Alla Nesvit. ( , 7 , )  
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?Are there any good restaurants around here?
?Can you recommend a good place to eat?
-, .Some place not too expensive.
?Is there a Chinese restaurant near here?
.Id like to go to a Chinese restaurant.
.I want to eat the best local food.
?Do we have to make a reservation.
?Can you make reservations for me?
?What time do you open for breakfast?
.I would like a table for two?
?Do you have a table by the window?
.We are a party of six.
.I have a reservation.
.Id like to place an order.
.I would like supper.
.I would like a continental breakfast.
?What drink would you like before dinner?
, .Ill have whatever you recommend.
?What do you recommend?
?What is the specialty of the house.
, .Menu, please.
, .May I have the menu and the wine list, please?
?Do you serve vegetarian food?
?Is there an English menu?
?What kind of soup are you serving today?
?Whats the cocktail of the day?
?May I take your otder?
.Ill have the same thing.
.Ill have this.
?How long will it take?
().Scrambled eggs.
.Ill just have a ham sandwich.
.Ill have a T-bone steak with fried potatoes.
, ?Would you like fried, baked or mashed potatoes?
?How would you like it?
, .Medium rare, please.
, .Well - done, please.
, .Please show me the wine list.
?What kind of wine do you have?
.I would like a bottle of white wine.
?How much is a whole bottle?
?How much is a glass?
()I would like a cup of coffee (tea).
?May I have a glass of water?
?Orange juice or tomato juice?
- ?How about some dessert?
, .Pancakes and a milk shake, please.
, .One more order of rice, please.
, .Two hamburgers to go, please.
.With butter.
.With lemon.
, .A little more, please.
, .No more, thank you.
, , .Would you please pass the salt?
?How does it taste?
.It was delicious.
.It was more than I could eat.
?Can I have it right away?
, .Would you please hurry?
.This is not my order.
.My order hasnt come yet.
?How do you eat this?
.It is cold.
.It is too spicy.
.Not too sweet.
.Not too salty.
.Not too strong.
( ).This is not cooked enough.
.It is tough.
.This is not quite fresh.
.It is not clean enough.
, .Bill, please.
, .Check, please.
?Could I have the bill, please?
?Can I get the check, please?
.I would like to pay now, please.
?How much do I owe you?
?How much is the total?
?Does the bill include the service charge?
, .I believe the bill is added up wrong.
.The bill is on me.
.I treat you to dinner this evening.
, .Put it on my bill, please.
.I am paying for everything.
.We are paying separately.
.Lets split the bill.
.Let me pay my share.
.Keep the change, please.


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