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Sass & Bide Resort 2010 
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We Learn English, 7 class, Alla Nesvit. ( , 7 , )  
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.I want to go to France.
.I plan to go to France.
.Ill leaving for the USA next week.
?How long do you intend to stay in Paris?
.I would like to travel tourist class.
(, )I prefer to go by bus (train, plane).
?What special sights are there?
?What sightseeing tours are available?
?Can you recommend an interesting tour?
, ?Would you please tell me what museums there are here?
?Where is the theater?
?Where is the nearest subway station?
?Where is the taxi stand?
?Is there a public restroom near here?
?May I use your bathroom?
?What time does it get back?
?How much is this tour?
?What time does it start?
?Are any meals included?
?Is there a city tour here?
?Is this an all-day tour?
, , .Please give me a map of the town.
?Where can I buy the map of the town/city.
?Do you have a brochure describing tours and excursions?
?Is there a theater here?
?When and where can we meet?
?Where can I buy a ticket?
?How much is admission?
?What other interesting things are there to see?
, ?Is it too far to walk?
?Will there be an opportunity to take some photographs?
?How long will it run?
?What is showing now?
- -?Can anyone here speak English?
, -.I want an English-speaking guide.
, ?Excuse me. How can I get to this place?
, , ?Would you tell me how to get to this hotel?
?Is the hotel far from here?
?How long does it take?
?Is that on this side?
?Will you show me the way to the post office?
?Which way is downtown?
, .Please point out where I am on this map.
, .Please draw a map here.
?Where are we now?
?Whats the name of this street?
?What landmarks are on the way?
?Should I go straight?
.On the way youll see a restaurant on the other side of the street.
.Its about ten minutes of walk.
.It s a short walk.
.Its right across the street.
.Its at the end of this corridor.
.It s not so far.
.You can t miss it.
, .Wait here a moment, please.
.I get off at the next stop.
, .Let me off here, please.
, .Stop here, please.
- .I would like to go somewhere to relax.
- ?Shall we find a nice place to go?
?Which movie house will we go to?
?Would you like to go to the opera with me?
.Ill get the tickets.
.Ill pick you up at seven oclock.
.Lets go to the movie tonight.
?Who are your favorite movie stars?
?When does the movie start?
, , .Will you take me to my seat, please?
?What time will the show be over?
?How soon does the show begin?
- ?Would you like to go dancing?
.May I have this dance, please?
?Are there any good movies on TV?
- ?Are there any good programs on TV tonight?
?May I take pictures here?
?May I use a flash?
?Would you mind taking a picture for me?
, .Please pose with me.


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