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We Learn English, 7 class, Alla Nesvit. ( , 7 , )  
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?When do you close ?
?When does this store close?
?How late are you opened on weekdays?
.Open from nine oclock to five oclock .
.Closed from twelve oclock to two oclock .
?Where is the shopping area?
?Is there a tax-free shop?
?Is there a department store?
?On which floor is the food department?
?What are some special products of this town?
?Where can I buy it?
.Im just looking around .
?Is this expensive?
, .Its good, but its a little expensive.
?Do you have one like this?
?Do you have this in another colour?
.Do you have one of better quality?
?Do you have a bigger one?
?Do you have a cheaper one?
() .I would like to see a lighter (darker) shade.
.Ill take this.
?Can I buy it tax-free?
?Could I have a gift box?
.I cant afford to buy this.
, , .Will you send it to the hotel with a receipt?
?Would you please send it today?
?May I pick it up?
?How long will it take to repair?
?Will you guarantee the repairs?
.I will come back later.
.Id like to try it on.
.I would like to try both of them on.
?Wheres the fitting room?
?Will you take the measurements for a jacket?
?Can you measure me?
, ?Do you think this material is durable?
.I would like a custom-made suit.
.I would like to have a custom-made skirt.
.I wish to look at a cotton nightdress.
.I would like to have a fitted dinner jacket.
.I would like a pair of pajamas.
?Do you have a jacket to match these pants?
, .I would like to have a pleat in the front.
?When can I have a fitting?
?Will you adjust the length?
.It s too tight here.
?Can clothes be finished before next Friday?
.Tailor-made .
?Could you show me a selection of silk ties?
?Do you have it in different colours?
.I would like a silk scarf to match this blouse.
.I would like to have a brown belt.
?Is this genuine leather?
, , .Id like a leather wallet.
.I would like to see a practical set of luggage.
.I would like to see a soft leather portfolio.
.I would like soft contact lenses.
.I would like a pair of sunglasses.
.These glasses are too weak for me.
.I would like to try some stronger glasses.
(, ) ?Do you have cotton (wool, nylon) socks?
.May I have two pairs of socks?
.I would like a pair of lightweight summer shoes.
?Do you have a pair of tennis shoes?
?Can you recommend something for irritated eyes?
- .I would like something for skin irritation.
, .Please show me another one.
?What material is it made of?
.I would like to see a camera.
?Would you please put film in my camera?
.I would like colour film.
.I would like three prints of each.
?I would like these photographs enlarged.
.I would like to buy a CD for someone.
?Have you got any batteries?
60 .I would like to have two 60 (sixty) watt bulbs.
, .Will you show me how to operare it?
?When will they be ready?
, ?Do you think you can repair it?
?Can you repair this while I wait?
.I would like to have a souvenir of the town.
?Do you have pictures with scenes of this area?
?Do you have a postcard with a picture of the town?
?Are these crystals?
.I would like a bouquet of red roses.
?Do you have stamps?
?How much chocolate can I take out of the country?
?Whats in that chocolate?
.I would like two bars of plain chocolate.
?May I browse?
- ?Do yoy have an entertaining book in English?
.I would like to have a mystery novel in English.
, .Please give me a Russian newspaper.
.I would like a writing pad.
.I would like a clearly marked map of this town.
?Do you have any greeting cards?
?Where do I pay?
?Do you accept credit cards?
?Can I have a personal check?
?Do you accept foreign currency?
, .This is more than I can pay.
.The price is not reasonable.
, .The price is higher than what I had in mind.
?Can you give me a better price?
?Can you give me a cash discount?
?Can I buy it on installment?
?Isnt there a mistake in the bill?
.Will you check it again?
.You gave me the wrong change.
, , .Can you give me a receipt, please?
.I have already paid.
?Will you send it to this address?
.Id like to have it today.
.Id like to return this.
.Heres my receipt.
.This is broken.


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