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2010-2011 Inwear 
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. 6: Web- 
We Learn English, 7 class, Alla Nesvit. ( , 7 , )  
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.Thank you / Thanks.
.Thank you very much.
( "").Youre welcome.
, (- ).Here you are.
.I see.
.All right / OK.
.Thats all right.
!Never mind!
?How far is it to the town?
?How many (much)?
?How long?
, .This way, please.
?Whom should I ask?
.I dont understand.
, .Im sorry, I didnt catch you.
.After you.
.Theres a lot of traffic here.
.Im lost.
-?Do you speak English?
!Good morning!
!Good afternoon!
!Good evening!
.Good night.
!Hallo! / Hi!
.How do you do?
().Id like to meet you in the (lobby).
.Its nice to meet you.
.Im glad to see you again.
().I am married.
( ).I am single.
?How are you?
?How are you getting along?
?Whats news?
.Long time to see.
, ?May I have your name?
.This is my business card.
( ).May I introduce you to my husband (wife)?
Let me introduce you to... 
.Please give my kind regards to your mother.
.Say hallo to Nick for me.
, .I would like to do that, thank you. / With great pleasure, thank you.
.I am pleased to do so.
.See you later.
.See you soon.
.Take care of yourself.
.Lets keep in touch.
.Im looking forward to seeing you again.
?Will you be free tomorrow?
?Would you like to come with me?
.Let me be your guide.
?Wont you go sopping with me?
.Lets go swimming.
- ?Would you care for something to eat?
.That sounds good.
- .May I offer you a drink?
- ?How about a drink?
?Lets take a coffee break.
, .Id like another cup of coffee.
.Make yourself at home.
.Lets go fifty-fifty on the bill.
.Hell pay the bill.
.Your new hairdo is not bad.
.You have wonderful taste in clothes.
!What a charming girl you are!
.Thank you for your compliment.
.Thank you for a nice day.
, ( ).Thank you for picking me up.
.Thats very kind of you.
.Youre very generous.
.Im really grateful to you.
.Thank you for your trouble.
.Much obliged.
.Im very much obliged to you.
( , ).Excuse me.
( ).Sorry.
, .Excuse me a moment.
, .Just a minute please.
.Thats my fault.
.It was careless of me.
.I didnt mean that.
.Next time Ill get it right.
.Forgive me for being late.
, .Im sorry to have kept you waiting.
?Am I disturbing you?
?May I bother you a moment?
, .Never mind.
, .Oh its nothing.
.Forget it.
.I beg your pardon.
, .Say it once more please.
, .Please speak more slowly.
, .Please write it here.
, .Please hurry up.
!Come with me!
, .Please call a doctor.
...?Can you lend me...?
.Will you do me a favor?
?May I take a look at it?
?Can I borrow your pen?
, .Would you please help me carry this?
, .Could you give me a hand with these parcels?
?Will you please mail this letter for me?
.Will you help me with this problem?
?May I have your address?
?Could you drop me downtown, please?
?Whats this?
?What does this mean?
?Where is the restroom?
?Why not?
, .The sooner the better.
.Im not sure.
.I dont think so.
, .Im afraid not.
.Its incredible.
, .Im afraid youre mistaken.
, .Thats too bad.
.I feel blue.
.Its disgusting.
.You make me sick.
, .Calm down, everything will be OK.
.Dont be nervous. / Take it easy.
.Take your time.
() , .Dont bother with what he said.
!Cool it!
!Cheer up!
!What a pity!
!What a surprise!
, , !You must be kidding!
, !Oh dear what a mess!
?What time is it?
?What time do you have?
.Its seven oclock.
.Its a quarter to eight.
.Its ten minutes past four.
.Its half past eight.
.Its early.
?Is it late?
?How long will it take to wall over there?
!Best wishes for your birthday!
!Merry Christmas!
!Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
!Happy many returns of the day!
!Happy Easter!
.I wish you many years of happiness.
.Heartiest congratulations.
.I hope youll get better soon.
!Have a nice trip!
!Good luck.
!Lets meet again!
!What a nice day!
.Its hot.
.Its getting foggy.
.The sky is clearing up.
.It will be sunny tomorrow.
!What a nasty day!
, ?I wonder if there will be a storm?
, -, ?What do you think the weather looks like?


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